The Promotional Merchandise Blog

Hi and welcome to the new promotional merchandise blog!

This site will soon fill with articles written by us at LSi with different staff members concentrating on different things. Find out about the authors by clicking the link at the bottom of the right hand sidebar. There will be three main sections dedicated to company information (like this), merchandise and clothing. The links for these will appear next to the ‘Company’ link at the top once we’ve created our first posts on these topics.

We hope to give you an insight into what we do, why we do it, what we sell and, most importantly, how it can help you achieve what you want in your marketing program.

Our staff regularly go to trade shows around the country, Europe and the world and they’ll be reporting back on what they find. If there’s a new product you’ll hear about it here first even before it’s on our main website so make sure you subscribe to our RSS feed by clicking the white box in the header section of the page.

I designed this blog and would love to hear any feedback you have on it. Are there areas you think can be improved? Are there any things you’d like to see us writing about specifically in the future? Leave us a comment.

We’ve had a few ideas of ongoing post ideas for the future. One of these is the Top 5’s, outlining the top 5 budget pens, conference giveaways, most innovative products and so on. We’ll be passing on specialist knowledge from the manufacturers of products and finding out the new and innovative ways of using promotional products to their full potential.

We hope you come back and read what we’ve got to say. Along with our new website we hope that our updated offerings for 2010 will help you achieve more and get an edge over your competitors by using our knowledge.

Thanks for reading!


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