Time IS money

The sales team has been pushing the upcoming LSi Big Promotional Gift Show for the last 5 weeks and although we’ve had some great success, more and more we’ve had the objection that customers just cannot spare the time out of the office, time is worth more to people than ever before…. this got me thinking.

This industry is just like lots of others – we have the good, the bad and the ‘just too expensive’. But unlike lots of industries our product range is massive, if we want a promotional pen we have fifty thousand to choose from, if we want a promotional umbrella there are┬áthousands out there.

Why waste your time speaking to the bad and the too expensive. Speak to the people that know what they are doing…. the people that will save you TIME.

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The Big Promo Gift Show – An Update

So it’s only 20 days to go until The Big Promo Gift Show at The Royal Armouries in Leeds. We’re looking forward to it here at LSi – it’s our big day where we can see all of you and show you some of the exciting new promotional products that are on the market.

We’ve had a great response with more registered attendees at this stage than for any of our previous shows. The seminars are being booked out fast and with only 66 places for each one you’ll need to register and put your name down soon if you want to be guaranteed a seat. Just to let you know, here’s how many seats are remaining at each one:

  • The Power Of The Medium – Looking Beyond The Product – 33
  • Driving Measurement With Every Marketing Pound – 9
  • Case Histories That Have Generated Huge Returns – 6
  • Maximizing Your Relationship with Your Account Executive – 50
  • The Power Of The Medium – Looking Beyond The Product (2) – 57

We’ve also got 59 penalty takers signed up for the Peter Shilton penalty competition. It’s likely that I’ll be running that on the day so if you’ve signed up or are going to, it will be lovely to meet you (my tip: put the ball hard and low into the left hand side netting with your instep – you can’t lose!).

After the penalty competition we’ve got a Guinness World Record attempt from the world champion freestyle footballer, John Farnworth. You can find out more about him and get a sneaky peek at his skills on our special guests page.

We’ll continue keeping you up to date on our twitter page and The Big Promo Gift Show website.

See you at the show!

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