Do you get what you pay for???

Instead of talking about clothing or promotional merchandise I’m going to rage about something that happened to me this weekend…the purchase of a fireplace. Not a fire just a fireplace.

My dad told me to go to a discount fireplace store as it was cheap…so I did. I bought a fireplace I was happy with with their delivery date of the following week. That following week no fireplace – I had to call them to find out it was a week late. One week later they came to fit it. This was a weekend in November, it was cold, wet with leaves all over the floor. Did the fitters put down sheets and take their shoes off when in my house – NO. I had to ask them to after my carpet was nice and marked. It doesn’t end there. When I bought the fire I asked if I could have downlighters in and they were happy to take another £100 off me for this. They never thought that with the downlighters in unless I had good depth to my fireplace my fire actually wouldn’t fit…which it didn’t. Then the hearth should have been 15″ depth and it came at 18″ depth and I accepted this but they had to cut my carpet to fit it. They messed this up totally and when they were fitting the electrics I realised why – I asked them which one of them was an electrician and both were joiners….not electricians and not carpet fitters. The fireplace went back and I hoping for it to be delivered this week but I will now have to fit it myself because I have no faith in the company and I don’t want them in my house BUT because they have ALL my money up front I’m stuck. It’s a long winded story I know but it’s 100% true and I blame myself. I was greedy and instead of paying the right price for the right product I accept that I’ve got the right product I wanted but I’ve bought it cheap and ended up with cheap service, people who have no idea what they are doing and the finished product had every chance of looking cheap once fitted by Mr Bodge It. This reminds me of this industry and the people who play at it. We are the specialist in what we do and we do it right. I totally accept that we are not the cheapest company out there but we’re the best and after my experience I want to distance myself from the word and feeling of CHEAP.

If I could do it all again I’d pay the right price and be happy with the finished result.

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