Be the best… so someone else gets the business

I’ve always felt the customer is king and we’d be nothing without our customers. The one thing I would never want to do is annoy or upset the great loyal customers we have.

My policy has always been to be the best – offer the right price, offer the best service, get back to the customer immediately and stand out. This is what we do well but this year I’ve seen this to be at our detriment. People come to us because we’re one of the best and I’m more than happy to compete with companies that value customers and our own industry as much as we do however there are some competitors who insist on bringing this fantastic industry down.

Recently I had a customer request 1000 pens with a value of £500 but we wanted to stand out and be the best as usual so the price was on their desk 10 minutes later with a visual proof mocked up and with them 1 hour later. from there they asked us to come in to have a quick chat which I did the next day, I asked the customer if I was competing just out of interest which I was but the other company still hadn’t come back with a price. Three days later I chased this up and the job had gone to the other company because they were £50 cheaper overall. I didn’t say anything but inside I’m wondering what our high levels of service actual mean. The other company doesn’t go in to see them so that means we can get rid of our company cars, the other company work from home which means we can sell our offices, the other company takes 2 days to send a quote which means our levels of service can go out the window, the other company don’t produce visual proofs so we can make our in house designers redundant and now that we’ve lost most of our staff, got rid of our premises and slashed our profit margin we can compete again.

But we have no intention of changing what we do – we have won countless industry awards , we see time after time customers coming back after a job goes wrong and we are happy to have them back, but do feel frustrated when I know we have all the things in place to service every need of our customers, for some back bedroom operator with a nice website to steal the business for a few pennies.

We remain true to our word – we are a service company , we always try to go the extra mile, and we have hundreds of loyal customers who use us day in and day out – who over the years have become more than customers, and to those we feel we must turn our attentions, and to continue to improve our service to you.

There is an old saying , and its even more true today than ever before:

“The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory.”- Aldo Gucci.

We make no excuses for maybe not being the cheapest on all our products , but we only buy from quality manufacturers and long may this continue.

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