The world has gone mad

I feel like I’m having a groundhog day, the same things happen every day, every week, every month and it’s about being cheap and cutting corners. I’m motivated to write this by new slippers I bought for my wife – £15 slippers with a nose type thing on the end, 1 week later the nose thing falls off…about 3 loops of stitching on, probably because if they manufacture them with 3 rather than the higher quality 10 then it’s money saved, horse meat instead of beef – we’ve probably all been eating it for years and why – because it’s a corner to be cut and money to be made. Anyone had a jumper from a certain high street store rhymes with highland, how long do your buttons last on those….how long before your zip breaks….how long before your seams come apart, is this just my world? Am I the only one that is so annoyed about this?, I feel even more annoyed by my own industry, the same thing is happening and has been happening for a long time….USB sticks with faulty chips to make more margin, pens with cheap ink in that rip up your paper with their gritty writing, full colour print mugs with pixelated print because it’s cheaper on those printing machines and what does the customer see when they buy on price – USB 1GB memory, curvy pen 1 colour print, full colour printed mugs…we all look the same but the company selling against quality rather than price doesn’t get the job, the scary thing is you don’t get the work even when you explain the quality issues. I think in terms of the horse meat scandal we the consumer are at fault…we buy on price hence why there are adverts telling us there were 5000 products cheaper at the green supermarket rather than the orange one but surely there is a lesson to be learned??? I hope so for the future of our industry and….the world. Buy cheap buy twice.

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