Do you get what you pay for???

Instead of talking about clothing or promotional merchandise I’m going to rage about something that happened to me this weekend…the purchase of a fireplace. Not a fire just a fireplace.

My dad told me to go to a discount fireplace store as it was cheap…so I did. I bought a fireplace I was happy with with their delivery date of the following week. That following week no fireplace – I had to call them to find out it was a week late. One week later they came to fit it. This was a weekend in November, it was cold, wet with leaves all over the floor. Did the fitters put down sheets and take their shoes off when in my house – NO. I had to ask them to after my carpet was nice and marked. It doesn’t end there. When I bought the fire I asked if I could have downlighters in and they were happy to take another £100 off me for this. They never thought that with the downlighters in unless I had good depth to my fireplace my fire actually wouldn’t fit…which it didn’t. Then the hearth should have been 15″ depth and it came at 18″ depth and I accepted this but they had to cut my carpet to fit it. They messed this up totally and when they were fitting the electrics I realised why – I asked them which one of them was an electrician and both were joiners….not electricians and not carpet fitters. The fireplace went back and I hoping for it to be delivered this week but I will now have to fit it myself because I have no faith in the company and I don’t want them in my house BUT because they have ALL my money up front I’m stuck. It’s a long winded story I know but it’s 100% true and I blame myself. I was greedy and instead of paying the right price for the right product I accept that I’ve got the right product I wanted but I’ve bought it cheap and ended up with cheap service, people who have no idea what they are doing and the finished product had every chance of looking cheap once fitted by Mr Bodge It. This reminds me of this industry and the people who play at it. We are the specialist in what we do and we do it right. I totally accept that we are not the cheapest company out there but we’re the best and after my experience I want to distance myself from the word and feeling of CHEAP.

If I could do it all again I’d pay the right price and be happy with the finished result.

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John Farnworth’s World Record

It’s official – John Farnworth’s World Record is a Guinness World Record – and we’ve got the certificate to prove it!

John Farnworth, the world champion football freestyler, achieved 590 consecutive football rolls across the forehead at our promotional merchandise exhibition, The Big Promo Gift Show, on 26th May 2010. Check out the video on the right if you weren’t there, I think you’ll agree that the level of control and concentration John shows is quite amazing.

He put on some great shows for us throughout the day mesmerising visitors and staff alike.

Since the show he’s been travelling the world performing at various shows and appeared at the World Cup Final in South Africa. Not a bad job he’s got, is it?!

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World Cup Winner!

Chris JonesHere’s a very pleased looking Chris Jones with the World Cup he won in the World Cup Score Predictor game. He tells us it’s taken pride of place on the window sill of his office – I’m sure it impresses passers-by!

Chris scored a total of 43 points having been top or close to it the whole way through the tournament. Our very own senior graphic designer, Daniel Berry, scored 43 also, but being an LSi employee we couldn’t let him have it! Tom Innes came a close third with 41 points – just one more correct result would have given us a headache as to how to split them!

Thanks to everyone who played the game – I hope you found the experience more enjoyable than watching the England matches on TV! Hopefully our match against Switzerland in the European Championship qualifying campaign tonight can continue our comeback after the impressive 4-0 win against Bulgaria.

Not to forget the other home nation that’s playing tonight, good luck to Scotland in their match against Lichtenstein.

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Buy with confidence

It seems like every time I come on here I’m trying to preach something or moan about something….well nothing has changed – please see below….

Everything I hear lately is bad news, every other week there is someone linked to this industry going out of business, we’ve seen one of the largest gift houses go under in the past two years along with a lot of smaller ones. This year we’ve seen an increase in these companies going under and it’s very sad to see, many people have been put out of a job and many of our the manufacturers we use have been left with bad debts making everything more difficult for the rest of us.

We’ve always felt that we’re at the top of the game, not that it protects us but the companies we deal with are always very loyal and we offer such a good service I feel that we do very well in bringing on board new business. I’d say we’re the Marks and Spencer’s of promotional items – you pay for what you get with us and I don’t mean this in a big headed way, I’ve worked here for 10 years so I’ve competed with the good and the bad so I know what I’m talking about. It would be easy for me to leave LSi and start up my own company working from my bedroom undercutting the whole industry but the minute something goes wrong I’m washing my hands of the problem because I can’t afford the problem. I always talk about this and use the example of travel insurance because I travel a lot. When I go to a price comparison site and give them the info of the trip and it comes up with my cheapest option at £7 and then the more expensive companies below – I have never bought the £7 policy – I scroll down and I buy with confidence with a brand name I can trust so that if god forbid I break my leg on holiday I have total confidence my policy will cover me – pick me up and get me home.

This is how I see LSi – the brand name that WILL have problems on a job over the years we trade with our customers but WILL also put the problem right.

I can tell you all day long about how LSi is a sound choice and you can buy with confidence from us and how we’re not going to go out of business but it’s just words. If you want to trade with us speak to me or my team, we can put you in touch with customers we’ve dealt with for 10 years plus and you can speak to them directly about who LSi really are.

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