LSi Make It Easy

I’ve decided to burn all our promotional merchandise and corporate clothing brochures with immediate effect….. obviously I haven’t discussed this with our MD yet!!!

More and more I worry that a brochure pigeon holes us to what is in the brochure and this worries me because our industry is so vast. I say with no exaggeration that our business is amazing, we have over a million products to offer but more than anything we want to offer a solution and no brochure is ever going to offer that.

If I asked 50 customers if they wanted a brochure to choose a product they thought might work OR speak to a specialist who can advise them on what has worked for others and more importantly what hasn’t worked then I know 50 people would want the latter and that’s what LSi is based on.

We’re not sales people – we’re advisors and we only want the best for our customers because we want you to keep coming back for the next 50 years.

So for any customer that’s reading this – feel free to throw all and any brochures you have in the bin and put 01274 854996 on speed dial.

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