The World Cup Score Predictor Game


I’m very glad to say the our World Cup Score Predictor game has exceeded my expectations with 105 players so far.

Win The World Cup!In case you’ve not seen it, it’s a game where I’ve picked out some matches from the World Cup and created a page where you can enter your details and your predictions. These are then calculated every time a relevant match is played and a league table published. You get 5 points for a correct score or two points for a correct result.

Although 5 matches have pass so far, it’s not too late to play. We’ll be running the competition right up to the final and with the leaders on 14 points out of a possible 25, no-one’s running away with it. Maybe it could even help to join late as you’ve seen how some of the teams are playing!

The game is split into the group stages, the round of 16, quarter finals, semi finals and the final/3rd place playoff. We’re not choosing every match as that would take you too long so we picked 11 games from the groups, we’ll be picking a certain number yet to be decided from the round of 16 and then every match from then on in.

The best thing about this game is the prize you can win – the replica World Cup you may well have held when you were photographed with Peter Shilton and Nobby Stiles at The Big Promo Gift Show! So why not give it a go?

You can keep up with the latest news on Twitter or on The World Cup Score Predictor website.

Talking of The Big Promo Gift Show, I’m in the middle of updating the website with all the photos, videos and news from the day. Keep an eye on the website over the next 24 hours and it will all be there for you to see. You can order your Peter Shilton and Nobby Stiles prints as well if you weren’t able to pick them up on the day.

If you’re already playing the game, good luck! If you’re not playing the game, why not?! It’s free and you can win a unique prize!

Here’s the league table as it currently stands:

Pos Person Total
1= Chris Jones 14
1= Pete Stackhouse 14
1= Phil Kramer 14
4 Peter Macdonald 11
5 Stuart Beagrie 10
6= Abigail Jones 9
6= Alison Crawley 9
6= Amy Baker 9
6= Ben Webber 9
6= Chris Lamb 9
6= Clarke Beagrie 9
6= Deborah Howbridge 9
6= Dennis Scholefield 9
6= Emma Horne 9
6= Ewan Jamieson 9
6= Ged Murphy 9
6= Helen Miskell 9
6= Jonny Gibson 9
6= Kevin Waterworth 9
6= Kris York 9
6= Luke Flett 9
6= Michael McLaughlin 9
6= Michael Rea 9
6= Oliver Simpson 9
6= Paul Nicholson 9
6= R Bull 9
6= Richard Milner 9
6= Rob Lovell 9
6= Rob McLean 9
6= Sarah Pounder 9
6= Scott Brown 9
6= Sue Allen 9
6= Tom Innes 9
6= Victoria Barnett 9
35 James Godfrey 8
36= Ben King 7
36= Daniel Berry 7
36= David Blackburn 7
36= George Swindale 7
36= Kevin Heath 7
36= Liz Dipper 7
36= Martin Jordan 7
36= Richard Fielder 7
44= Claire MacMenemey 6
44= Craig Britton 6
44= Lloyd Simpson 6
44= Michael Simpson 6
44= Nick Goring 6
44= Steve Spence 6
50= Adam Smith 4
50= Amanda Povey 4
50= Angela Brear 4
50= Ashleigh Guest 4
50= Chris Dickinson 4
50= Chris Simpson 4
50= Claire Jones 4
50= Colin Reid 4
50= Dave Weaver 4
50= David Parrington 4
50= Gavin Lyles 4
50= Hayley Stacey 4
50= James Casson 4
50= Jo Hardingham 4
50= Joe Worthington 4
50= John Knowles 4
50= Kathryn Payne 4
50= Kayley Newsome 4
50= Kyle Smalley 4
50= Mark Hemingway 4
50= Mark Higson 4
50= Marvin Nash 4
50= Michael Craddock 4
50= Michael Womersley 4
50= Natalie Dawson 4
50= Neil Fowkes 4
50= Paul Iliffe 4
50= Phil Booth 4
50= Phil Thornton 4
50= Ray Harriman 4
50= Renny Wickham 4
50= Richard Bulmer 4
50= Richard Reilly 4
50= Sheldon Hall 4
50= Tony Moore 4
50= Valentina Chruscht 4
50= Zoey Woodward 4
87= Carol Martin 2
87= Cheryl Simpson 2
87= Christine Powell 2
87= D Doran 2
87= Dean Parker 2
87= Fred Stott 2
87= Jonathan Jessiman 2
87= Kevin Clark 2
87= Laura Thompson 2
87= Neil Rushworth 2
87= Stephen Goodlad 2
87= Tammy Clarke 2
87= Tim Fitzgerald 2
87= Vicki Franks 2
101= Amy Baker 0
101= David Marcus 0
101= Emily Pattison 0
101= Jon Jones 0
101= Leanne Johnson 0
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The Big Promo Gift Show – An Update

So it’s only 20 days to go until The Big Promo Gift Show at The Royal Armouries in Leeds. We’re looking forward to it here at LSi – it’s our big day where we can see all of you and show you some of the exciting new promotional products that are on the market.

We’ve had a great response with more registered attendees at this stage than for any of our previous shows. The seminars are being booked out fast and with only 66 places for each one you’ll need to register and put your name down soon if you want to be guaranteed a seat. Just to let you know, here’s how many seats are remaining at each one:

  • The Power Of The Medium – Looking Beyond The Product – 33
  • Driving Measurement With Every Marketing Pound – 9
  • Case Histories That Have Generated Huge Returns – 6
  • Maximizing Your Relationship with Your Account Executive – 50
  • The Power Of The Medium – Looking Beyond The Product (2) – 57

We’ve also got 59 penalty takers signed up for the Peter Shilton penalty competition. It’s likely that I’ll be running that on the day so if you’ve signed up or are going to, it will be lovely to meet you (my tip: put the ball hard and low into the left hand side netting with your instep – you can’t lose!).

After the penalty competition we’ve got a Guinness World Record attempt from the world champion freestyle footballer, John Farnworth. You can find out more about him and get a sneaky peek at his skills on our special guests page.

We’ll continue keeping you up to date on our twitter page and The Big Promo Gift Show website.

See you at the show!

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Big Promo Gift Show

Amazing – that’s the only word I can describe the initial response from our customers, or more the ones that have signed up for the forthcoming show (May 26th), we only launched the main website ( on 9th April and already we are 50% on registrations compared to the same period last year.

The main attraction seems to be the free seminars hosted by our American colleague and respected gift industry speaker Cliff Quicksell, with 2 of his 5 Seminars nearly booked up.

Also the opportunity to face England legend Peter Shilton has also proved popular with both men and women stepping up to the penalty spot. If you wish to take part in either of the afore mentioned, please hurry to register as we will be closing the penalty shoot out soon and seminar places are strictly limited to 66 per session.

So with our quarterly newsletter just about to land through the post, banner ads on one of the most popular business information websites in Yorkshire, we are extremely confident in reaching our visitor target in the next couple of weeks.

If you havent already registered , please take the time to visit our website and book your place at the largest Promotional Merchandise show in the UK.

To keep up with all the latest info, subscribe to our blog and you can also follow developments on twitter. If you currently purchase any Promotional Merchandise you really should attend the show!

Lloyd Simpson

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