A Little Update From The Web Designer

I’ve had an especially busy time of late, designing a couple of websites for a customer and a potential customer, designing the new site for The Big Promo Gift Show (out very soon) and already working on the LSi site for next year (even though the current site’s only been there a month or two… I never stand still!).

Generally speaking, whenever I create a new website I try to do something I’ve never done before. It may not be obvious to the user but it helps me develop. From the four sites mentioned above I’ve created a new layout style, created a new way of filtering products, found a new way of manipulating CSS to make it specific web browsers do what I want and am heavily playing with mySQL and PHP. If you don’t learn you’ll never get better. I don’t get as much time as I used to for pure learning and development work as I used to so I’m applying things on the job a lot more and testing them rigorously before deployment.

Apparently, the site I’ve done for our new potential customer was better than one that another promotional merchandise distributor did, which is nice, and is helping bring in the deal. The one for the current customer could well lead onto another 3 or 4 as they want one per range rather than a single one for everything they do. It’s be far the most advanced ordering site I’ve created so far using the system we use. Hard work but it’s more to show potential clients when we go to show them what we can do, isn’t it?!

A bit of LSi site news for you: I’ve updated the Who Are We? page on the LSi site to show a few old photos – if you want to see how Lloyd looked in 1995, that’s the place to go! New content for Our Aims and some new products will be coming soon.

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